Bringing the Restaurant Home with Laxmy

On nights when we come home and neither one of us feels like cooking, there are a few restaurants from which we can order delivery and still be sure to get a good meal. One of those places is Angelo's Pizza Taxi, but pizza can get old after a while. And so to add some variety to our idleness, we often turn to another favorite: Indian food from Laxmy

On principle, I do not like to order food that I can make myself. However, as well as I've been able to perfect the one chicken curry dish that I make, nothing can top the hours-long preparation of authentic Indian cuisine. And so, I prefer to order my Indian food from Laxmy, which, after several disappointing visits to Indian restaurants in the area, we've found to be the best Indian in Stuttgart. 

I think it helps that unlike most delivery places, Laxmy is an actual sit-down restaurant that just so happens to also deliver, and you can really taste the difference. They're menu is exclusively Indian with a handful of Sri Lankan dishes. Every dish that I've had is packed with flavor and spice, and the sauces are of the rich, creamy variety, suggesting that they've been simmering on the stovetop for hours. 

Chicken Tikka Masala

Ever since I first discovered Indian food in college (thanks to my British roommate), my favorite dish has been Chicken Tikka Masala. There's something about the red roasted and slightly charred chicken meat in its creamy, spiced tomato sauce that never gets old. I also really like the flavor and consistency of Laxmy's sauce; it's got the right amount of spice (usually served medium-hot, though you can ask for it spicier) and you can see the chunks of onion and tomato. I realized that some people prefer perfectly smooth sauces, but I personally prefer to see and chew my vegetables. 

Another dish that I really like is Aloo Matar, which has chunks of potatoes and peas in a creamy tomato-based sauce. Again, Laxmy's version is spicy but with a nice sweetness from the peas. I've also enjoyed their Palak Paneer (cheese with spinach) and Matt rather enjoys their Lamb Vindaloo (lamb in a hot curry sauce). Just be forewarned that when they say sehr scharf (very hot), they mean it!

Aloo Matar

Lamb Vindaloo

Some appetizers that I'd recommend are the Samosas (pastry filled with curried vegetables) and Onion Bhaji (field onion balls). We also recently tried the Seekh Kebap (minced lamb formed into a sausage shape and cooked in a tandoor) and the Chicken Pakora (chicken fried in a batter of chickpea flour). The Chicken Pakoras were good and had a flavor much like spiced chicken nuggets that I didn't expect. All appetizers are served with mint yogurt and tamarind sauce.

Onion Bhaji


Seekh Kebap

Chicken Pakoras

Mint-yogurt and tamarind sauces for dipping

Garlic Naan

Sadly, I can't say that their naan is to my liking. I'm used to big sheets of doughy, fluffy naan back in the States. The naan we order from Laxmy is instead more like a flat crêpe. Despite the flat consistency, I do like the fact that the garlic naan that we once ordered had great big yummy hunks of roasted garlic smeared over it, and it was a little better for picking up our curry sauces rather that soaking them up. Maybe I could get used to Laxmy's naan in time. 

We rarely order dessert, however, we once ordered the Firni and found it to be quite tasty. It's a kind of rice pudding with raisins, saffron, and pistachios, served cold. The texture of rice pudding is not for everyone, but if you like it, then you should definitely try this version.  


A close up showing the texture of Firni

One day I will make it to Laxmy to enjoy a fresh meal in their restaurant. (Update: Laxmy's sit-down location is no longer open. They are only available for take-out.) But until then, I'm perfectly content with ordering delivery from them if it means I get a delicious meal delivered right to my door. You can order online, and they they are available for dinner starting at 4:30 pm, Monday thru Saturday. On Sundays they open early at noon and serve food through dinner. 

Have you found another good Indian restaurant in Stuttgart that you'd recommend? Leave your tips in the comments below!