Upcoming Festivals and Events in September/October 2014 (Updated)

I started my blog to talk about all of the great foods and restaurants that I've gotten to try since moving abroad. However, over the summer I found myself blogging more about festivals than restaurants. This is fine since I love a good festival, and especially "street-food", but the downside for my readers is that I often blog about the event after I've been (and thus after it's over). 

Not anymore. 

Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival 2012

I'm going to make it a point every couple of months to post a quick "Upcoming Festivals" post so that you can know about events, too, and go to them before my review comes up. (A special thanks goes out to Meredith at Kaffee und Kuchen for the inspiration!) I also hope that if you know of an event that I haven't listed, that you'll be kind enough to share it with me. 

Tip: Apart from friends and coworkers, one website that's helpful for finding events is the Stuttgart Tourist website. The website offers six different languages, making it very friendly for international visitors. 

So here goes my first post on what's still to come in September and October: 

  • September 17th-28th Tschechisches Bierfestival (Stuttgart) -- This is a new event as far as I know in the Kronprinzplatz (just off of Stuttgart's main shopping street, the Königstraße). I haven't been, but it looks to offer several Czech foods and beers for tasting. 
  • September 18th-21st Umbrisch-Provenzalischer Markt (Tübingen) -- I have a couple of coworkers who live in Tübingen who say that this market is a great event with lots of food and other goods from the Umbria region of Italy and the Provençal region of France. I've never been, but may try to make it out there if the weather is nice this weekend. Just beware that Tübingen is outside of the Stuttgart local bahn zone, so if you want to get there by public transport, then you'll have to buy a Baden-Württemburg ticket or a direct ticket to Tübingen. 
  • September 21st Wandernde Weinprobe (Degerloch) -- This wine walk covers a 1.5 kilometer walk through the vineyards along the hillside between the tiny town of Degerloch and Stuttgart. Again, I've never been, but I have enjoyed the walk without the wine on many occasions
  • September 27th-28th Ludwigsburg Antique-Mile -- Matt and I went to this event last year, and will probably go again this year. While it's not exactly , I think it's worth a mention for all of the great antiques that you can pick up here (many of which are related to the preparation of food). 

Cannstatter Volksfest 2013

  • September 26th-October 12th Cannstatter Volksfest (Stuttgart) -- The "Wasen", as it's called here, is one of my favorite events in Stuttgart, and Matt and I have gone multiple times during the two week period for the past two years. Everyone dresses up in dirndls and lederhosen and shows up at the Wasen to enjoy giant Maß beers, half-chickens and other Schwabisch foods, and amusement park rides. Much like Munich's Wiesn (Oktoberfest), this event is a bit smaller and less internationally known, so you can really enjoy the traditional atmosphere without all the tourists. 
  • September 5th-November 2nd Kürbisausstellung Ludwigsburg -- Every fall the Ludwigsburg castle grounds are turned into a pumpkin paradise with pumpkin sculptures, pumpkin carving, pumpkin races, pumpkin foods, and pumpkin-related gifts. Matt and I have gone every year (I LOVE pumpkins) with Leo. I hear this year's theme is Kürbis Royal. 

That's I'll I've got for now, but I'll update the list if I hear of any new events. Do you know of any good food events in and around Stuttgart this fall?