Superb Brunch at Taverna Yol

One of my colleagues decided to get a group of us together for brunch before the start of the work week. His proposed destination: Taverna Yol. I'd never been to Taverna Yol, but my colleague promised delicious Turkish food at their all-you-can-eat brunch and I just couldn't turn down the opportunity. And so this morning, we rushed out the door last minute (per usual) in order to meet the group of about 20 of us. By the time we arrived at 11:15, the restaurant was already packed and brunch was in full swing. 

The brunch buffet at Taverna Yol

The brunch buffet was set up near the entrance. They had a huge table piled high with food including fresh-baked breads, olives, fresh cheeses, tomatoes, cucumbers, roasted eggplant and zucchini, rice with pine nuts, sausage cooked in a tomato and egg sauce, chicken in a cream sauce, spiced tuna, dolma (stuffed grape leaves), and sigara boregi (long, thin pastries stuffed with cheese). I grabbed a large plate and piled it high with foods, eager to taste every last flavor. My favorites were by far the sigara boregi and the sausage sauce with rice. I also really liked the warm, crêpe-like bread stuffed with cheese and spinach that a woman was working tirelessly throughout brunch to make. The soft, tangy filling was incredible, and I watched her all through my meal as she rolled out and flipped the home-made dough. She was truly an artist.

My brunch plate

The amazing woman making the most delicious cheese and spinach-stuffed bread for brunch

I should have gotten more, but I spent a bit of a marathon day eating in Frankfurt at a few of the restaurants we visited on our food tour and was still a bit full from that. So instead, I went for dessert (which I sadly ate before I remembered to get a picture). They had tons of yogurt, müsli, fresh fruit, apricot cake, and coconut balls stuffed with apricot. Matt preferred the coconut balls, but I rather liked the apricot cake, which was crumbly with coconut on the top, cakey in the middle where the fresh apricots had been cooked, and a bit gooey on the bottom where the batter was thicker and sweeter.  

I got a coffee to drink in order to wake up a bit, but they also had an impressive metal tea machine brewing very strong, but tasty, Turkish tea. My colleague suggested cutting it with water since it was so strong, but I rather liked it loaded with sugar. It reminded be a bit of the sweet Lipton's tea that I used to drink, usually over ice, as a child. Do try some if you go. 

An inside shot of the restaurant from Taverna Yol's website with a view of the cool floor-height couches

Brunch was just 15,50€ per person and was very worth it. The food was delicious, and the restaurant was pretty cool inside, too. Though we sat at a table, I would love to go back and try something from their dinner menu so that I can sit at their low, floor-height tables in the back. If their brunch buffet is any indication of the quality of their food, then I'm sure it'll be delicious. 

Next time you're looking for a scrumptious, out-of-the-ordinary brunch in Stuttgart, check out Taverna Yol. Taverna Yol is located on Spittastraße 2 just off the U2 and U9 line in Stuttgart-Ost. They are open for dinner daily from 6 pm - 1 am and on Sundays from 9:30 am for brunch straight through to dinner.