Upcoming Festivals and Events in March/April 2015 (Updated)

The weather is starting to get a bit warmer and the skies a bit sunnier here in Stuttgart. Spring is definitely on its way, and with it comes a whole new round of festivals and outings. And so to continue my series on upcoming events, here's my next installment on culinary happenings in the area during March and April.

  • March 14th Lange Nacht der Museen -- I've done the "Long Night of the Museums" twice now and loved it both times. This is the night when all of Stuttgart's museums stay open late, and when all the little art galleries around the area open up to the public all at once. What makes this "culinary"? The many drinks that you can (and should) drink along the way, of course. 

    You have to buy a ticket online or at once of the kiosks, but for just 17€ you can get into some of the most interesting, out-of-the way places in the city. I've had the chance to explore the underground bunker/abandoned hotel beneath the Rathaus, take a brief cruise up the Neckar, hear a Gregorian chant in a Mausoleum, drink champagne in an old train car, tour the inside of the Neues Schloss, view the inner workings of a hydroelectric turbine, and much more. Be sure to plan ahead and get your tickets early so that you can start seeing the museums right when they open at 7:00 pm if you want to beat the crowds. 
  • April 9th-12th Markt des Guten Geschmacks -- According to Christie at A Sausage Has Two (formerly Eating Wiesbaden), this is a "slow food conference" at the Stuttgart Messe. I've never been before, but the website advertises "regional, sustainable, and artisanal" food from dairy, fruits, and sausages to wine and herbs. Tickets seem to be around 13€ for the day. 
  • April 18th to May 10th Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest -- Like the Wasen in September, the spring festival is just as big and just as fun, perhaps even more so because there are usually fewer tourists. You can go enjoy the (expensive) rides and games, or find a table in one of the tents to sing and Prost! the night away. They always have an extensive selection of food around the tents, too, from Döner to Currywurst, though you can also chow down on roasted chicken in the tents (but be forewarned that the food is a big more expensive there). The festival goes on for a good three weeks, so you've got plenty of time to say "Goodbye" to the winter blues and give a proper "Hello" to spring.
  • April 25th-26th Esslinger Frühling --  According to Ami im Schwabenland, this spring festival in Esslingen features "a rubber duck race in the Neckar canals, a Wohnmesse (home exhibition?) in the Rathaus, and all kinds of gardening displays around town". She also says that some of the shops are even open on Sundays! According to the pictures on their website, it looks like it could be a nice alternative to the loud and busy Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest if you're looking for a break. 

That's all I've got for now. And though it may not look like much, I'm very excited because it means that summer will soon be here and all the Biergartens will open! 

Do you know of any other events that I've missed that are in and around Stuttgart these next two months? Please share them in the comments below.