Upcoming Festivals and Events in May/June 2015 (Updated)

It's been a lovely start to springtime here in Stuttgart with the weather (mostly) holding at sunny and warm. As you shake off your winter layers, why not make a trip out to one or more of these outdoor events in May and June? Here's what's going on: 

Wine tasting on the Collegium Wirtemberg wine walk last year

  • April 18th to May 10th Stuttgarter Frühlingsfest -- If you haven't made it to the spring festival yet, don't worry. You've got another week left to soak up all the rides, carnival food, and beer-drinking songs. Check out my post on the same festival that takes place in the fall, called the Canstatter Wasen, for an idea of what to expect. Be sure to keep an eye out for the candied nut stall that sells candied pecans (a rarity in Germany). 
  • May 17th Stuttgart Street Food Market -- I found this event on Facebook, and as far as I can tell, it's the first year that it's being held at the Nordbahnhof. The website marketing suggests there'll be a fair number of food stalls around with lots of different kinds of food on offer. I'm super excited to check it out; be ready for a post later that week!
  • May 24th Vegan Street Day -- This event on Pfingstsonntag (Pentecost) is advertised as being the biggest vegan street festival in Germany. I don't know about that, but I do know it'll be huge as it's said to take place in the Marktplatz, Kirchstraße, and Schillerplatz in downtown Stuttgart. The event runs from 11:00 until 20:00 and is said to have a number of food stalls, lectures, and live music. Check out the website for more details. 
  • May 24th to 27th Marktplatz Istanbul -- Every year in the spring, the Karlsplatz just next to the old castle downtown hosts a Turkish market with live music, food, dancing, shows, and merchandise. I went a couple of years ago with my mom and plan to go again this year -- for the food, of course!
  • June 13th to 14th Weinbergwanderung am Uhlbacher Götzenberg -- I attended this wine walk last year and can't stress enough how much fun it was! You get the opportunity to walk along the vineyards around Stuttgart and sample the wines of Collegium Wirtemberg. As a rule, I like to stick to the whites in this region, but on a recent trip to Uhlbach I tried their 2012 Lemberger. It has some surprising depth for a local red and a nice smokiness to it. If you go, be sure to get some.
  • June 19th to 21st Stuttgart Street Food Market -- In case you missed the first Street Food Market in May, it looks like they'll be another one for a full weekend in June. The location is a bit more central at Türlenstraße 2 next to the Stadtbibliothek and new Milaneo mall. Hopefully more details will be posted as it gets closer to the date. 
  • May 30th and June 27th Sunset Wine Tasting -- Last time I was at the Collegium Wirtemberg location in Uhlbach, the woman behind the counter told me about the new "Sunset Wine Tastings" that the label offers on the last Saturday of each month. She said it's a fun event with lots of young people, and I certainly plan to check it out this year. It looks like it takes place on the terrace at their Rottenberg location high above the city, and there will be several of their "wine guides" to introduce you to their offerings. Sounds like a nice way to spend an evening to me!  

That's all I've got for the next couple of months. Do you know of any other food-related events in the area that I should add to the list? Leave them in the comments below.