Upcoming Festivals and Events in July/August 2015 (Updated)

The festival season is in full swing now -- just check out the length of this list! Here's what's going on:

July 2nd to 5th Marienplatzfest -- Somehow I've missed this festival in Marienplatz for the past two years in a row due to traveling, and it always looks like a lot of fun. According to my friends who've gone, this four-day festival features live bands, food stands, and some urban art creation. I've marked my calendar and plan to try it this year for sure!

Smoked salmon and potato pancakes at the Hamburger Fischmarkt

July 9th to 19th Hamburger Fischmarkt -- This festival from Hamburg brings tons of fish to Stuttgart from the north to create a kind of giant fish fry in the Karlsplatz every summer. The desserts are pretty good, too. Just check out my blog post from last year for a mouth-watering invitation. 

July 10th to 12th Afrika-Festival Stuttgart --  I've seen a few posters for this event around town and plan to give it a shot. It's taking place over at Erwin-Schöttle-Platz, and promises lots of African music, dancing, and food. 

July 11th Lichterfest -- The Lichterfest (light festival) takes place every year in Killesberg park. The festival organizers cordon off the center of the park where they set up everything from live light shows to food stalls. After the sun drops, the sky lights up with an impressive fireworks show. This year I've read on Facebook that the organizers of the Stuttgart Streetfood Market are planning to organizer the food stalls this year, but you'll have to purchase the full ticket price of 18€ if you want to go. (As a side note, though you can bring your pet, we found out our first year here that it's not a good idea due to the noise.)

July 14th to 19th SommerFestival der Kulturen -- This summer festival in the market square in front of the Rathaus promises to have tons of live music and food from around the world. It's sure to be a good time, and the website notes that the festival offers "an emphatic and positive signal against racism and discrimination of any kind" (translated from German). Yup, it's on my list, too. 

July 15th to 19th Indisches Filmfestival -- I realize this isn't exactly a food festival, but my Indian friend recommends it every year. Plus, you could always go out for some Indian food before or after your movie viewing. (I've had Ganesha and a few others on my list for a while now, but let me know if you find someplace better.) 

Drinks at Takeshii's during the Bohnenviertelfest

July 23rd to 25th Bohnenviertelfest -- This is truly one of my favorite festivals in Stuttgart. One weekend of the year, the many restaurants, antiques shops, and art shops open their doors and welcome their neighbors to see what the "bean quarter" is all about. Check out my blog post about last year's event to get an idea of some of the yummy foods available, including cocktails from Takeshii's Vietnamese and mixed plates from Injeera African

July 24th to 25th Stuttgart FestivalThis giant open-air music and art festival takes place over at the Messe. This year they have over 40 electronic and indie bands playing over the two-day period. The cost of a two-day ticket is 59€ in advance. Again, I've never been, but it seems to be a pretty big deal around town and worth it if you're looking for the summer music scene here. 

Sunny weather, food, and drinks at the Stuttgart Sommerfest

August 6th to 9th Sommerfest -- The Sommerfest is another one of my favorite events in Stuttgart. Every year the organizers set up a number of food stalls, bands, and dancing platforms around the Schlossgarten. Though there are plenty of make-shift restaurants, I really enjoy taking a picnic blanket and sitting on the grass while I taste various foods. Have a look at my blog post from last summer to see what it's all about. 


August 7th to 17th Esslingen Zwiebelfest --  This onion festival is another one that I've just found out about this year, and it looks to be just the kind of quirky food fest that I've been missing from my line up. It's in my calendar!

August 8th to 9th Beach Food Fest -- I found this one on Facebook, so I'm not too sure what to expect. It looks like this is the first year that it will take place, and they seem not to have found a location yet. Still, I'm keeping it in my calendar and plan to check it out if they can get organized. Hopefully they'll have more information as we get closer to the date. 

Swabian Maultaschen, Spätzle mit Käse, und Schupfnudeln at the Stuttgarter Weindorf

August 21st to 23rd Flammende Sterne Ostfildern -- Much like the Lichterfest in Killesbergpark, a friend of mine and local promises the fireworks display (and food) at this festival in Ostfildern is just as good. 

August 26th to September 6th Stuttgarter Weindorf -- The Weindorf at the end of August marks the beginning of fall for me. It celebrates the region's wine-growing tradition and spreads from the Altes Schloss all the way to the Rathaus. Go for the wine, of course, but be sure to try some of the Swabian cuisine while you're there. Have a look at my blog post for some tips. 


I found a lot of other smaller events at this website if you're interested in what else is going on around Stuttgart. Do you know of any other events that I've missed that are in and around Stuttgart these next two months? Please share them in the comments below.