Upcoming Festivals and Events in September/October 2015

The weather is already hinting at chilly days to come, but that doesn't mean the festival season will end here in Stuttgart. In fact, some of the main events of the year are just beginning! Here's a sneak peek at what you should look forward to this fall:

Now to November 12th Street Food Market Stuttgart -- The street food market that began in July will continue every Thursday in Karlsplatz until November. I've been for a few weeks now, and the food trucks keep getting better and better. For example, last week I had a terrific Chicken Teriyaki Bun and Manioc Fries. Craft beer as also become a weekly staple. You can see my blog post for my review, but for more updated food offerings, check out my Facebook page where I've been posting pics from my Thursday outings. 

Now to September 6th Stuttgarter Weindorf -- The Weindorf will continue into September as Stuttgart celebrates their wine-growing tradition. The food and wine tents begin at the Altes Schloss and run all the way to the Rathaus. Go for the wine, of course, but be sure to try some of the Swabian cuisine while you're there. Have a look at my blog post for some tips. 

Craft beer from Böblingen and Manioc fries with pepper sauce from Peruvian Brothers at the Street Food Market Stuttgart on Thursdays

Stuttgarter Weindorf 2015

A pumpkin creation from last year's pumpkin festival in Ludwigsburg

September 4th to November 8th Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival -- This is probably my favorite festival in the area! Every year, the palace grounds in Ludwigsburg are invaded by thousands of pumpkins to buy, eat, and see in various formations. This year the theme is "Pumpkins Taking Flight". See my full review here

September 5th Stuttgarter Hofbräufest -- Stuttgarter Hofbräu will open their doors on Saturday to some Dixieland jazz as they celebrate the start of Fall with their Volksfest-Bier. It promises to be day filled with music, food, and, well, beer!

September 12th to 13th Dinkelacker Brauereifest -- Every year I intend to go and every year I somehow miss the Dinkelacker brewery festival. This year I'll be away on a wine weekend, but I've heard from friends that this is a great event much like Stuttgart's beloved Wasen, but on a smaller scale. 

September 13th Wandernde Weinprobe (Degerloch) -- This wine walk covers a 1.5 kilometer trail through the vineyards along the hillside between the tiny town of Degerloch and Stuttgart. Again, I've never been, but I have enjoyed the walk without the wine on many occasions

Two Maß of beer at the Canstatter Volksfest

September 25th to October 11th Canstatter Volksfest -- I think everyone in the area secretly looks forward to the Volksfest, also fondly known as the Wasen, no matter how much they openly complain about the crowds and tourists. (They're still much better than the numbers at Munich's Oktoberfest.) The Wasen is Stuttgart's biggest event and celebrates the season with fun carnival rides, regional foods, and tremendous amounts of beer. See my post on last year's festival for tips and an idea of what to expect. 

October 9th to 12th Fellbach Autumn Festival -- Many of the smaller towns around Stuttgart have their own festivals throughout the year, and it looks like Fellbach celebrates with a fall festival of their own. I've never been, but their website promises regional wines and delicious foods to enjoy with friends and loved ones. 

October 17th to 18th Filderkraut Festival (Leinfelden Echterdingen) -- Although I wasn't terribly impressed with Esslingen's onion festival, I'm tempted to give this cabbage festival a shot. The pictures of cabbages made up with faces like Halloween pumpkins suggests that it's a bit more oddball than the onion festival. I also can't say that I've ever tried the pointy cabbages in the pictures, though I've seen them in the area and would love to. I've added the festival to my calendar.  

October 24th Esslinger Street Food Market (Esslingen) -- Here's another event that I found through Facebook. The street food craze in Stuttgart seems to have spread to Esslingen, though it's too early to say if this event will take place or not. I've got my calendar marked just in case. 

That's all I've got for the next two months, though they're pretty big events. And before we know it, it will be Weihnachtsmarkt season! But I'll save that for the next post... 

Do you know of any other events that I've missed? Please share them in the comments below.