Stuttgart's New Burger Bar at the Burger House

Last weekend after the craft beer festival, our group decided we were craving a sit-down meal with burgers. Though there was a food truck selling burgers at the venue, I couldn't tell by the passers-by what the quality of the burgers might be, and I was hesitant to try them after my long search for a good burger in Stuttgart. I didn't want to be disappointed again.

The chorizo burger at The Burger House

We decided that instead of taking a chance, we'd leave the venue and hop on the U-bahn to the city center where a new burger joint called The Burger House (a chain based out of Munich) recently opened. Of course we were still taking a chance on a new restaurant, but their Facebook pictures showed some pretty legit-looking burgers. 

We arrived pretty early in the night, just around 18:00, and were able to snag a large table for seven that hadn't been reserved until later. The restaurant was modernly furnished, and we could peer into the open kitchen and watch the burgers being made. 

The appetizer platter with onion rings, chili cheese fries, and guacamole

After perusing the short menu consisting strictly of burgers and fries, we decided to order the appetizer platter with a mix of onion rings, guacamole, and chili cheese fries. The onion rings were definitely legit: large slices of onion that were thickly battered and fried. The guacamole was probably also the best I've had in Germany, made with real avocados and of the right kind of thick consistency with a dash of spice. Lastly, the chili cheese fries, though made with cheese sauce, were excellent. The ground meat was clearly leftover from their burger patties, and the fries were the crispy thin kind that you get at burger joints in the States. 

For my entrée, I decided to get the three mini burgers, which was perfect for tasting. I got to try the spicy chorizo burger, solid blue cheese bacon burger, and rich truffle burger. Each one was as good as the other, made with quality toppings that did not include cucumber for once! Most importantly, the patties were made of freshly ground beef that was thick, lightly packed, and grilled to order. Yum!

Burger trio with (from left to right) a truffle burger, chorizo burger, and blue cheese bacon burger

Close up of the blue cheese bacon burger

Close up of the truffle burger

I was, however, a bit disappointed by the size of the tomatoes on the baby burgers. They were clearly meant for the regular-sized burgers, and while not a deal breaker, definitely deterred from the full visual experience. Matt was also the first to point out that the buns were a little stale. In fact, he mused that for some reason, many of the burger places we've been to in Stuttgart have had sub-par, stale buns despite the general high-quality of bread here. Matt also had a nutella shake that tasted more like chocolate milk and less like a thick, creamy ice cream shake (though I don't know if they intended to use ice cream or just milk). 

Otherwise, The Burger House would probably be my new favorite burger place in Stuttgart. Their patties beat my last favorite, The Burger Republic, in size and their onion rings were truly a unique find in the city. That said, I recall that The Burger Republic had better buns. If only I could marry the two! Perhaps in time The Burger House will be able to get the buns right. 

Location on Büchsenstrasse in downtown Stuttgart

The Burger House is located on Büchsenstr. 24 just off of Theodor-Heuss-Str. downtown. They are open from 11:30 to 22:30 Monday through Thursday, and later on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. You can easily walk there from the Stadtmitte S-bahn station or from the Schlossplatz or Rotebühlplatz U-bahn stations. Though the evening was too cold to sit outside, I also noted that they have a large patio that will be lovely for dining on in the summer time. 

If you try their burgers, do let me know what you think in the comments!