The Best Ice Cream and Gelato Spots in Stuttgart

Once summertime begins, I find myself eating ice cream or gelato at least once a week if not more. There's something about living in the city -- or perhaps in Europe in general -- that makes the act a priority in warm weather. (The relative lack of air conditioning in apartments and most public buildings might also have something to do with it.)

And so, without further ado, here are my favorite, and what I think are the best, ice cream and gelato spots in the city: 

#4 Pinguin Eis

The penguin in front of Eis-Bistro Pinguin

What makes it special: This family-owned ice cream parlor has been making some of the best homemade ice cream in the city for the past thirty years. You'll find over 20 varieties, including sorbets, yogurt-based ice creams, and traditional milk flavors. The best part, though, is probably the view from Eugensplatz over the city, making it a great place to get your ice cream and go on a leisurely stroll. Check out my full review on Pinguin here.  

Flavors to try: Panama (creamy, tropical mix studded with flecks of papaya, pineapple, and mango), Walnut, Cinnamon, and Mercedes (almond ice cream with chocolate bits) 

Location: Eugensplatz 2A in Stuttgart Mitte next to the Eugensplatz U-Bahn station on the U15 line 

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 11-22:00 and Weekends from 13-22:00

Cinnamon and Mercedes (almond with chocolate bits) ice cream

The fountain to the nymph Galatea at Eugensplatz

Tip: All of these places apart from Schloz are only open for the season, which generally runs from April until October-ish (depending on the owner).

Old Bridge Gelateria's new location on Eberhardstraße

What makes it special: Old Bridge makes some of the best, creamiest Italian gelato in the city -- as evidenced by the long line that usually trails out the door. All of their flavors are largely traditional, and they're even listed in Italian. As a sign of quality, you won't see any heaping piles in the window; level containers, we were told on our Florence food tour, signal that the gelato was made in small batches and is generally fresher. I've previously blogged about my visits to Old Bridge both here and here

Flavors to try: Nutella, Pistachio, Coconut, Chocolate

Location: There are two locations in Stuttgart Mitte. The original one is next to the Königsbau-Passagen on Boltzstrasse 10 near the Schlossplatz U-Bahn stop with most north-south lines, and the newer branch is on Eberhardstrasse 31 next to the Rathaus U-Bahn stop with most east-west lines. 

Opening Hours: For the Bolzstrasse location, the hours are 11-23:00 Monday through Thursday, 11-24:00 Friday and Saturday, and 13-23:00 on Sundays. The Eberhardstrasse location has the same opening times, but closes three hours earlier each day.

Nutella (in the front), Pistachio, and Coffee gelato

Nutella and Crème Caramel gelato

Tip: When ordering, you'll be asked how many Kugeln (literally balls or scoops) you want, and wether you want them severed in a Waffel (waffle cone) or Becher (bowl).

#2 Schloz Eis

What makes it special: Schloznot to be confused with Café Scholz located next door, is the new kid on the ice cream block. They're part of the new buildings in front of Killesbergpark that were finished just a few years ago. All of their creamy ice creams and smooth sorbets are homemade using locally sourced ingredients, and you can even watch the chefs at work through the glass window into the kitchen. They generally stock all the usual flavors, but their innovative specials are the ones to look out for. Just be forewarned that they change every few days. You can see my full review of Schloz here

Flavors to try (when available): Lychee, Watermelon, Cheesecake Blueberry, Yuzu, Matcha 

Location: Am Höhenpark 4 in Stuttgart Nord next to the Killesberg U-Bahn station with the U5 line

Opening Hours: Daily from 12-20:00

Pistachio and walnut ice cream

Pistachio and banana split ice cream

Cheesecake Blueberry and Watermelon ice cream

Tip: Most scoops will cost you somewhere between 1€ and 1,50€, with gelato tending to be on the more expensive side.

#1 Gelateria Kaiserbau

What makes it special: Kaiserbau Gelateria is probably my favorite in the city because they combine my two favorites: creamy homemade gelato and innovative flavors. Every time I go there I try something new, though it's the only place where I can get the Caramel Fleur-de-sel that I love. Plus, they're located in a great neighborhood with tons of cafés, bars, and restaurants that I walk through frequently on my rambles around the city. I've previously blogged about Gelateria Kaiserbau here in my post on the Marienplatz festival.

Flavors to try: Caramel Fleur-de-sel, Mango, Rakete (watermelon with lemon and cinnamon), Wild Strawberry

Location: Marienplatz 14 in Stuttgart Sud next to the Marienplatz U-bahn station with the U1 and U14 lines, or with the Zahnradbahn (funicular between Marienplatz and Degerloch)

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 10-11:45 and Sundays from 10-22:00

Ricotta-Apricot-Rosemary and Caramel Fleur-de-sel gelato

Mango and Elderberry-Lime gelato


What are your favorite ice cream parlors and gelaterias in the city? Are there any that you think I've missed?