Bloggers Lunch at Hüftengold

Since I've started blogging, I've been thrilled to find lots of other great blogs and bloggers who share similar interests as mine. And while the blogging sphere in Stuttgart is still rather small, I'm not alone. This past week, in fact, I got a message from the lovely M over at Kaffee und Kuchen. We'd known each other for several months now through blog posts and comments, and she asked if I'd be interested in a face-to-face meeting. I was happy to agree. 

Being both foodies, I offered up a list of lunch places that I'd been wanting to try, and we quickly settled on HüftengoldI'm actually a bit ashamed to admit that although I've lived two blocks from this tiny café for over two years, I've never been to sit down for a meal. That said, I have tried their delicious shrimp curry and homemade caramel-stracciatella ice cream at the Bohnenviertelfest this past summer. I was excited to go back "for real" this time. 

A picture of the interior from Hüftengold's website

I arrived late, as usual, though M didn't seem to mind. We luckily didn't have trouble finding a table around noon, though the restaurant was quite full. I love the interior of Hüftengold. It's tiny, but comfy with it's multiple dining areas and tall, bright windows. We snagged a table near the fire, making for a very cozy time. 

Hüftengold is a traditional café. They are open for most of the day serving breakfast from 7 am to 4 pm, in addition to daily specials for lunch and dinner, many of them vegan. I was very tempted by the sweet potato special us dem Feuer (from the fire) with potato wedges and vegetables in a Catalan white wine sauce. However, being particularly indecisive that afternoon, when the waiter stopped by again I blurted out that I wanted the Mediterranean tapas plate on the breakfast menu instead. 

Though I don't usually mention drinks, I also ordered a ginger tea that was of note. Though the Germans call it ginger tea, it's really just hot water with fresh ginger slices. Mine also came with a slice of lime and some honey. It really was a lovely combination, and so nice to sip while M and I got to know each other better. She's Canadian, I'm American, and we are both experiencing the International lifestyle for the first time.  

Ginger "tea" with honey and lime

My Mediterranean breakfast platter

When my meal came out, my first thought was over how big it was! Though it said it wasn't for two people, I think it could easily have fed two. The plate was piled high with sliced prosciutto, salami, olives, feta, marinated artichokes, roasted squash, grapes, and even guacamole. The platter came with a basket of fresh bread, including rolls, a dark, nut-studded bread, and big thick slices of a crusty, white Italian bread. I really enjoyed the crusty Italian bread with the prosciutto, the squash and artichokes, and the feta cheese. The guacamole had a thinner consistency than I usually like it, but it was still good. 

Unfortunately, despite how delicious the food was, it was all just too much, and I couldn't finish the plate by myself. Though I felt bad leaving the rest (to-go boxes just aren't common here in Germany), I vowed that next time I'd come with Matt to help me and walk a bit beforehand to work up an appetite. I also noted that their menu advertised a breakfast platter for large groups, and so this may also be a great location for our next ladies lunch/brunch. 

About half of the cakes on display at Hüftengold

When we were ready to go, I just had to stop by the front counter to take a look at the gorgeous cake selection. I was too stuffed to even think of dessert, but I did make note of a rare (in Germany) cake with icing that I wanted to come back for sometime (more on that in another post). In fact, I want to come back for all the food as I can see Hüftengold easily becoming a new favorite local spot for us. 

Overall, M and I had a really lovely time getting to know each other, and though I'd love to tell you all about her, you'll have to find out for yourself. Really, our blogs complement each other quite nicely, because while I blog about food around Stuttgart, M blogs about sights and cultural experiences in the area. And so if you've been at all interested in the few cultural experiences I've described, then be sure to check out her blog at Kaffee und Kuchen, too!

Hüftengold at Olgastraße 44

As for Hüftengold, the café is open from 7 am until midnight on weekdays, and a bit later at 9/10 am on Saturday/Sundays through dinner. They have an extensive breakfast menu with traditional German and International fair, but also check out the rotating daily specials and homemade desserts. They are located just on the end of the Bohnenviertel and about a block from the Olgaeck U-bahn stop.